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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

car for sale. one photographer owner.

did i tell you that i'm buying a new jam jar ?

well if anybody is interested...
it's a fiat 500. 3 years old. just sailed through it's first m.o.t.

it's done 31,000 miles... one careful owner and all that
no scratches or anything. it has chrome wing mirrors and chrome front bars,
fog lights, red leather seats with ivory leather steering wheel and gear knob.

i don't know much about cars to be honest...
er... it's red... it has two new front tyres, a boot which holds a surprisingly
large amount of photographic lighting equipment. it has a glass roof thing,
uses petrol not diesel and is taxed until april 2012

er, did i say it's red ?
i think it won some car of the year award but i could be making that up.
the seats were designed by back specialists and are very comfortable...
i don't think i made that up... i'm sure i read it somewhere.

oh it has little holders inside in which you can put four flat whites !

i can't sell it until i get my new motor though, which will probably be at the end of may.

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