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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

competition time

it's my intention to have a blog competition each month.

so far we had a winner in january who correctly identified my luggage...

we had a keenly fought competition in february

oops ! i just realised, the second competition was also in january,
ok so i skipped february. anyway now just in time, here's the competition for march...

today, 29th march 2011 i landed back in sunny london after spending 3 days in new york.

on my first morning in manhattan i skulked over to the flame diner for breakfast.
here's a photo i took of the menu...
now you might want to click on the photo to enlarge it...

my question is: what did i order for breakfast ?
it's on the menu and should be easily readible.
to make it a little harder, just incase of a tie, i also want you to guess what i had to drink
( and there was more than one drink )
any reasoning behind my breakfast decision will also help me to choose a winning entry.

the prize will be something or maybe more than one thing, new york-ish.


  1. No.6. Corned beef hash with the works. A glass of OJ and a good coffee.

    why? because you're a man of taste and we're related and I'd choose that too!

  2. I am torn between two but I will try the breakfast burrito (bottom right), an orange juice and a flat white.

    why? well, you do like those knish jalapeno bagel things and i wouldn't mind guessing you had a splash of tabasco on the top too.

  3. unless of course you went for, corned beef hash, fried potatoes, two poached eggs, an oj, and a coffee.

  4. you both have elements of correctness in your reasoning but i insist on all parts being correct before awarding prizes.

    in fairness to others i think only one guess per person too.

    gary, nice one... i did indeed snack on a mozerella and jalepeño knish later that day. also i like that your second guess uses a small 'g' for gary

  5. corned beef hash, flat white and oj. because there's no green food in sight

  6. Warm and fruity, coffee and grapefruit juice

    Because you have a bit of a thing for porridge; you have to try and balance out all the chips and meat you eat with occasional fruit; you always drink coffee; and I can't drink grapefruit juice so you've been drinking it a lot lately.

    If I don't get this right and someone else does, is that grounds for a divorce?

  7. very close mrs w... very close indeed.

  8. Ok, then same order but substitute the grapefruit for OJ
    Because its not worth drinking grapefruit if you're not taunting me

  9. even closer mrs w...

    but as my competition rules clearly state, only one guess per person.
    and you've got to have rules. if we didn't have rules where would we be ?

    also on a technicality... you missed a drink.

    i will reveal the full extent of my breakfasting in a forthcoming post.

  10. I think I know someone who'll be making their own breakfast in future