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Sunday, 20 March 2011

creasing up

i had to photograph some material on friday. 
it was for an advertisement which will be published in an american interiors magazine.
the material was very nice indeed. it is designed to be used outdoors and has been
waterproofed. naturally i just kept thinking how good it would be to have a pair of
air force 1's made out of the material... hmmm...

i had to rig up two stands with a cross bar and fix my camera onto the bar so i could shoot down onto the material.
on the right hand side at the bottom you can see that i was wearing wool-lined, 
tweed nike blazers.

and in this shot you can see that it was 9.55am !
five minutes until coffee-break time !

i'll let you know when the advertisement comes out. it will be interesting to see
how the final image is used.

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