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Sunday, 27 March 2011

johnny cupcakes

better late than never... i just discovered johnny cupcakes.

johnny just opened up his first shop in london a couple of weeks ago
and when i swerved over to take a look,i just had to treat myself to one 
of the london exclusive t-shirts...
this is how the t-shirt gets wrapped up by the way. pretty sweet.

here are the labels inside the neck...
one of them is shaped like an oven glove. very nice.

here is the johnny cupcakes tag. not on the sleeve , but on the bottom of the t-shirt.

and here is the london exclusive t-shirt that i bought...
you beauty !

let's have a closer look...
you beauty !

i was so impressed with the johnny cupcakes shop that i bought a few presents
which i am going to take with me on friday...

can you guess where i'm going to on friday ?

( oops, i meant to post this last thursday. in that case, can you guess where i am now ? )


  1. Is remembering that you told me you were going to NY the same as guessing?