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Thursday, 17 March 2011

maid cafe, akihabara, tokyo.

obviously japan has been in my thoughts a lot recently.

while my best wishes go out to my japanese friends, i thought i'd publish a few japanese
posts over the next week or so. to show a little of my experiences over there.

when i was in tokyo on a shoot a couple of years ago i went for one of the strangest coffee
shops i've ever been to... what do i mean 'one of' ? it was absolutely the number one
oddest coffee place of all time in my book.

it was in akihabara and was one of their famous 'maid cafes'

robert who was translating for me on my shoot assured me it was nothing dodgy,
a maid cafe is just one of those japanese things that are unique to japan.

i guess it's best described as a role-playing cafe. the maids treat you as their master.
it was all a bit odd to me as i do not speak japanese and the maids only speak japanese
so i had everything translated for me. 
when you enter, one of the maids greets you with the japanese for "welcome home master"

when you get a coffee, the maid will stir it for you and put the sugar in if you want it.
it's almost worth getting sugar because they sing a little song as they pour it in for you.

they also bring games along to play with you while you're having a coffee and will draw a picture of you. it's all... well, a bit odd i suppose. friendly, but odd.

still, coffee is coffee and it was very interesting. if nothing else it was funny to read the menu and the english translations...


alcohol ?

what the what ?!

as the pub landlord would say... you've gotta have rules
it's worth enlarging this pic to read the rules.

breaking the rules i took this one sneaky photo of our maid
oh i almost forgot. she lit a candle for us when we sat down, then blew it out as we left.

here's my coffee by the way...
if you're ever in tokyo it's worth going to akihabara and visiting a maid cafe.

go for the experience though, not for a good coffee !

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