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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

my shortest shoot.

back in the good old days of film, i had an interesting little job one morning.
i had to shoot some head and shoulders portraits of erin o'connor, who was
going to be modelling a dress by matthew williamson at the old vic theatre.

the only place i was allowed to do this was on the fire escape at the old vic.

i set up a light and waited... and waited...

finally after a long long time in hair and make-up, erin came over to me.
her publicist told me i had two minutes and the 12 images below are the 12 
frames i took of her. it was one of my shortest shoots ever. just one roll of film.

although i spent two hours waiting just to shoot one roll of film, in under 2 minutes...
i would say it was one of my most memorable shoots ever.

plus i used one of the frames of erin as my business card and it still
gets compliments to this day.

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