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Monday, 21 March 2011

on my coffee table this week

here's what i'm reading, watching and listening to this week.
a lot of capital letters on show but von kleet mix it up a bit.

book: my boring-ass life by kevin smith
in the post room at whitfield towers there is a book drop.
it's interesting to see what the other residents are reading and to sometimes see
books appear again and again. i've given away some really good books and dvds
but i've also picked up a few gems too. today i picked up this book.
kevin smith is one of my favourite film directors. i love the jay and silent bob
characters and i must say that 'dogma' is one of my favourite films of all time.
( ooh, that's a good idea for a post... let me tell you about my top 10 films )
er, anyway... i'm hoping this book will be interesting. i'll let you know.

dvd: the trip
starring steve coogan and rob brydon.
i haven't laughed out loud so much since arsenal blew a 4-0 lead away to newcastle !

it combines a few of my favourite things... restaurants, the north of england, 
odd couples, impressions of celebrities and running gags.
even the dvd of extras is excellent. after watching it you will find yourself
announcing the words "... with trevor eve, friday at nine... on bbc-1 "
more often than you ever thought you would.

cd: the second ep by von kleet
my friend mez ( who is married to sumudu... remember ? ) has a band called von kleet.
mez posted me this ep a couple of years ago and i remember picking it up and taking
it out to my car to listen to on the way to a shoot in acton.
no word of a lie, i listened to this 3 track ep non-stop all the way from whitfield towers to acton ! it must have been a 30-45 minute drive and i just listened to these 3 songs over and over again.
it was like discovering a new beatles ep or something ! 3 of the catchiest most sing-a-long tunes you could ever hope to find. as soon as you hear them you think you know the songs  already... like instant classics... oh  anyway they are 3 really excellent songs and 
maybe he still has a few copies left ?

ps. mez is the person responsible for my nickname 'twix'

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