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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

shuffle side table

if you're a regular reader you'll be familiar with my coffee table.
it's called a shuffle coffee table and was designed by a friend of mine
magnus long.

a year or so before magnus gave me the coffee table, he gave me this bad boy...
it's called the shuffle side table ( i think ) and like the coffee table it's made from
metal strips which i guess are bent into shape, welded together and painted white. 
oh i'm sure there's a better way of describing it, but trust me, this is a genius table.

i really like the look of it and i think it fits in perfectly with the look of whitfield towers.
it's the right height for leaving a cup of coffee on, or maybe a glass of red wine.
it's also a good height to display my glow in the dark kicks and bearbrick.

 like the coffee table, there are slots between the metal strips to store
magazines, books and what not.

here i've slipped my copy of this month's national geographic into it.
nice one magnus !

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