snapshots and observations

Sunday, 13 March 2011

stylish bus dog

as i stood on the stairs of a 38 bus on saturday i had the feeling i was being watched.
i looked up and saw this little chap.
i liked his style. he seemed to be wearing some sort of scarf or bandana and had
accessorised it with what appeared to be an antique brooch.

i didn't notice if he was with anybody or if he had just caught the bus by himself and
was going out to the west end to do a bit of shopping or something.


  1. I love your photos and your blog but the pug photo is my absolute favourite pic so far. It's a corker. Total respect. Boom!

  2. thank-you.

    the unrehearsed or chanced pics are often the best.

    i honestly didn't see this little fella when i was upstairs. then when i was on the stairs going down to get off the bus, it's like i could sense i was being watched. i always have a camera with me so i just took one shot before i had to get off. the dog is nicely framed between the metal bars and he does have a great expression on his face doesn't he ?

    it was only later that i noticed the scarf and brooch and that he seems to be by himself.
    all in all it's quite a lucky shot.

    i'm glad you like it.

  3. Agreed. This one really has something and has accelerated my desire for a pug.