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Sunday, 6 March 2011


looking through some old photos the other day, i found these shots of
my friend mez's missus... sumudu.
i took them for her about 4 years ago. she's a singer by the way.

i like that she's not smiling here. she's one of the smiliest people i know, so i very 
much like that i captured her not smiling.

this shot is in the corridor of shame at whitfield towers.
i always take people to this spot for a few frames.

this is also on the top floor of whitfield towers
i just remembered that this shoot was when i started calling her 'miss kensington'
( but that's a long story )

my favourite shot of the day was this one
sometimes an unposed shot works so much better doesn't it ?

have a look at sumudu's website

and if you ever get the chance to see her play live, you should give it a whirl.
as my mate gooner jeff would say... " she's got a great hobson's "

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