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Friday, 25 March 2011

tokyo story ( part three )

remember the maid cafe in akihabara ?

well i saw these little lads in a shop just around the corner from the maid cafe.
i don't get it... i love baseball, japan and vinyl figures... yet i didn't even buy one of these.
what was i thinking ?

still, at least i had the good sense not to buy this, which was in the same shop.
a life size bust and arm of a coffee-shop waitress !

the rest of these snapshots were all taken around shibuya and harajuku.

this is the famous pedestrian crossing at shibuya. i took this shot early one morning.
though it's best seen at rush hour... when it's absolute madness.

harajuku is the best place for people watching. it seems like everybody there is a model.
it seems to me that japanese people can throw anything on and they look cool.
i'm a big fan of the bobble hat.

look at these two
once again... great headgear

even this old guy had something about him
working the shades of brown, like a boss !

i saw this lad making his way to work on a skateboard...
could he be any cooler ?

i asked him to pose for a photo with his workmates...
they worked in x-large by the way.
note. all four lads wearing hats.

here's a comp shot of a girl in harajuku, just near the alife shop.
how fetch !

i like this shot because the bloke looks a dead ringer for a character from
the manga series 'tokyo tribes' which is a big favourite of mine.

this is one of my favourite photos from tokyo.
the starbucks in the background is a bit of a famous meeting place in shibuya.
i just love the way the girl in the centre is standing as she waits for her friends.
it's a shame the other people are on the edges of the frame but then again it is probably the busiest piece of pavement in tokyo so i was lucky to get a shot of her with a bit of space either side.

i like the girl on the left.
with her hand bag and her doggy bag !

i felt sorry for this little doggy though...
he has that look in his eyes that seems to be saying...
" just kill me now "

er... that's about it from tokyo.

let's hope japan is soon on the mend. it's a cracking country and i made some good friends there.

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  1. Its really bad to see things happening with Gods will which took so much of devastation in japan. We pray for all who have lost their lives and hope the best of strngth to their famili members