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Thursday, 24 March 2011

tokyo story ( part two )

on my first evening in tokyo, i was taken to a baseball game.
the fans, as you'd expect, were very enthusiastic... but also very polite.

it was a corking stadium
in fact i saw lots of amazing buildings in tokyo

this stunner is the flagship prada store
it's in aoyama

here's a photo i took of my friend reiko, just behind the store

and another taken just around the corner

in tokyo there are three massive bathing ape stores
but each of them is really hidden away and difficult to find.
when i tried to find the bapexclusive store in aoyama i saw this bloke
waiting at a pedestrian crossing...
he was dressed head to toe in bape gear.
i just followed him ( at a safe distance ) as he walked down a few 
side streets and he led me to the store.

this is the bape store in harajuku... which is about a 15 minute walk
from the bapexclusive store in aoyama

grrr ! this is only half the picture...
this bloke and his kiddie were both dressed head to toe in bathing ape clothes.
jackets, shirts, jeans and shoes. the thing i missed was that his wife was just
ahead of him with another kiddie and they too were both dressed completely
in bape gear... jackets, t-shirts, jeans and trainers. 
( apart from the three bapestores, there is also a bape kids shop )

transport in tokyo is a little difficult if you don't speak japanese.
in my experience, very few cab drivers speak english.

the buses were pretty difficult too
this is a sign on a bus. i was told it is to let people know they're being watched,
and to behave themselves.

although it looks a little complicated, the tokyo metro system is easy to use
and probably ten times better than our london underground

i like this sign which i spotted on the train from ikebukero to shibuya
no partying on the trains then.

this is one of the metro exits at harajuku
not what i'd imagined a train station in central tokyo to look like.

ok i'll call it end of part two here.
the final few tokyo observations will follow tomorrow...
or the day after tomorrow.

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