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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

travelling light

i had a bit of a road-trip to north yorkshire over the weekend.
i took with me a small pelikan case which contained my leica kit.
my other luggage is a headporter black beauty messenger bag. 
in this is my laptop, change of clothes, back up camera, lenses and hair product !

in case the pelikan handle was too severe on my artists hands, i bought this
headporter padded handle in the porter store in harajuku a couple of years ago.
money well spent !

and here's the boot of my jam jar... for once not absolutely packed to the brim.
you might also spy my tripod bag, various lastolite reflectors, a fake burberry travel rug,
an eley kishimoto beachball and my "hecho en mexico" hat...

... there was to be very little demand for the travel rug or the beachball in north yorkshire
over the weekend by the way.

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