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Friday, 11 March 2011

white mountaineering x porter 11ss herringbone ranger bag

so here's what risako brought me from japan on sunday...
from the beams online shop, a white mountaineering x porter ranger bag.
these were only available in japan and sold out on the day of release.

it could be the answer in my quest for a sensible man-bag.
it's in dark blue / grey waterproofed cotton with an off-white soft leather trim.

it has two large pockets inside
with white mountaineering branding.

two big pockets on the outside
with lots of room for essential stuff like a camera, spare lens, spectacles, hair product etc.

as you'd expect with porter, the quality is amazing
the leather is really soft... it's almost like chamois leather.

the strap has leather trims too. all in all a stylish and sturdy bit of kit...

the plan is to wear it like this...
but not in that colour or that jacket.

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