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Sunday, 27 March 2011

the white swan

on my road trip to north yorkshire i stayed overnight at a corking little hotel
called the white swan, in pickering.
in my room i counted eight cushions with white swans on them.

on my breakfast plate i counted ten blueberries

on my second breakfast plate i only counted one poached egg

in the bathroom was a framed clipping from a newspaper, which made me laugh.
the story was quite funny but i was also laughing at the front of the daily telegraph
calling itself 'britain's biggest-selling quality daily'

the room key had a massive old key as it's er... key-ring
it was heavy as you like.

in the welcome pack folder was a warning about the key...
no way was i going to steal that key.

the welcome pack had some other gems...
luckily i'd left my shell suit at home

i had no need for a spare blanket
but i did ask some staff members for spares and they did indeed look perplexed.

jess's friend maya would like this one...

why haven't i seen this done before ? it's a good idea. here's the menu...
standard menu style.

and here's the children's menu...
in writing that kiddies can read... right ?

it could only have been improved if it were written in crayon.

anyway, if you're ever in north yorkshire and looking for a good place to stay...

the white swan in pickering rates highly in my book.

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